There is a Yahoo group for people who like the stamps from De Stempelwinkel. Because it is impossible to invite you all personally, I would like to invite you to join this group through this message. Follow this link  and join!

What is the intention of this group?
It should be an international group, where everybody can write in her/his own language and show her/his artwork. With the aid of internet translation programs that should be possible without too much problems.
Through this group it is also possible to organise swaps, or arrange transport to a show where De Stempelwinkel is present, or to my shop (not open yet!)
The only condition is that you have to use stamps that are being sold by De Stempelwinkel.
It is also my intention to keep the quantity of e-mails to a minimum. Everybody can make her/his own photo album (with your own name) and use it to show all your artwork. Yahoo updates will tell everybody that there are new photos, so you don’t need to send an e-mail to tell everybody that you posted something. If you click on an image it will be enlarged, and you will find a box underneath it where you can leave your comment. So you don’t need to send an e-mail with your comment!
When you want to ask someone about how the artwork is made, you can find her/his e-mail address in the memberslist, and you can send them a personal e-mail, not through the group.

I have already made a database where you can leave your name and address information, in case you want to join swaps. I have also made a list with links to my webshops and to the designteamblog. Just click the link and you will get there!
Other databases I have made are:
a database where you can enter your blog(s) 
a database “dictionary”, where I want to collect stampingterms in dutch, english and german (because translationprograms often cannot handle them)
a list of workshops and the possibility to enter your name (sorry for those of you living too far away, but when you are planning a vacation to The Netherlands you are welcome!) This list will be published when I have opened my shop.
a list  of shows (of course only the ones where De Stempelwinkel will be present)

Of course my newsletters will also be published in the group, in three languages to avoid translation problems. 

I hope this group will be very inspiring, enjoyable and e-mailquiet. Sharing ideas and tips is the main goal.
Does this appeal to you? Then join this group!

Best wishes,

Jetske Masmeijer
De Stempelwinkel